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Coming Events
03/28: New Member Garden Tea Party
04/02: SOCIAL - Seasons 52
04/08: Close Encounters With the Arts - AZ State Capitol
04/09: Special Event - Arizona Storytellers
04/10: Culinary Lunch at Brio


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Join the Fun with other Active Singles 50+ while supporting the arts in Arizona!

Society for the Arts is a singles organization that raises money to benefit the arts in the Phoenix metropolitan area through social activities, fundraising and member contributions. Since its founding in 1986, SFA has donated many thousands of dollars as well as hundreds of hours of volunteer service to the arts community.

SFA members organize and participate in a variety of social activities such as:

Happy Hour Socials
Culinary Lunches
Art Walks & Shows
Museum Events
House Parties
Book Groups
Fine Dining
Special Events
Game Nights
Sporting Events
And more....

We welcome guests to learn about Society for the Arts by attending up to three events as non-members. After this, if you wish to continue, you are invited to join the fun by becoming a member.

Become a Member

Just download the Membership Application on this website and submit it along with your membership dues. You can pay by check, credit card or PayPal and your membership is active for one year. A portion of your dues goes directly to support the Arts so you benefit them as soon as you join! Click here to download the Membership Application.

That's it!

You will be welcome to attend any and all SFA activities! In addition, you’ll receive a monthly SFA Newsletter via email as well as weekly updates with information about all of the activities available to you.

How to reach us:

Society for the Arts
P.O. Box 55495
Phoenix AZ 85078-5495

SFA Information Line - 480/432-6900


Society for the Arts operates in accordance with IRS non-profit 501(c)(3) rules.


Society for the Arts, P. O Box 55495, Phoenix AZ 85078-5495
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